Faster VPN Login

For the ADHD and impatient

So I’ve been going through some of my old scripts and projects from my time at Godaddy, finding all kinds of neat stuff, most of which I never finished. There was a time where I was doing a significant amount of my work remotely. Being in operations it was important for me to be connected and available.

Like many other corporate networks Godaddy used a VPN with an RSA-SecureID token. Now if I had to close my laptop, or maybe wondered away from WiFi briefly I had to re-launch the SecureID application, re-enter my PIN, reconnect and enter the time sensitive password provided. I am the most impatient person I know, further more the SecureID client had a tendency of hanging … pretty much all the time it sucked. The following is a quick little script I hacked together to allow me to re-connect to the corporate VPN much much faster. The script is made possible by an awesome project called stoken— Software Token for Linux/UNIX (

Below is the gist of the script, feel free to clean it up and submit any modifications. This thing was a life saver for me.