Donald Trump Interview Near Me Dawson City YT Y0B has been staying front and center in the public eye discussing his potential run for President. In the last few weeks, a day hasn’t gone by where I haven’t seen him on one channel or another doing an interview in Dawson City. Trump has made appearances on Gretta Van Susteren, Neil Cavuto, and C-Span among others in Yukon. To be fair, his potential Republican contenders have been doing the rounds too, especially Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty.

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Out of all of the interviews that Donald Trump has done lately, one in particular is enough to raise some eyebrows. That would be an interview he did on the show Extra with Mario Lopez. At first glance it really doesn’t seem like that much, but I beg to differ. Extra isn’t normally the forum a potential Presidential Candidate would choose to get out his message in YT. What this interview does, however, is highlight one of the main advantages Trump has over his rivals, his celebrity.

Barack Obama was able to bring in not only loyal Democrat voters during his 2008 Presidential Campaign in YT, but also casual observers and young people in Y0B, many of whom don’t normally vote. In this age of mass media, his campaign handlers knew that being a celebrity was every bit as important as catering to his base supporters. They were able to utilize the internet and text messaging to mobilize people in a way never seen before. John McCain simply couldn’t compete because he wasn’t interesting to the younger generation in Dawson City.

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Donald Trump, unlike his Republican rivals, would be able to compete with Obama’s celebrity in a head to head race. Younger voters and casual observers might be willing to switch to something new and refreshing, and everyone knows who Donald Trump is in Yukon. Through his popularity with the general public and his new hit show, Celebrity Apprentice”, he may be able to take away some of the pop culture vote from Barack Obama. I’ve maintained that in the end of the Republican primary, Donald Trump’s two main rivals will be Tim Pawlenty and Mitch Daniels. Out of those three, who is the most exciting candidate? It’s not even close.

More and more people are jumping on the Donald Trump band interview. He has been, thus far, successful in getting out his message to the public in Y0B. It is refreshing to watch a candidate answer questions in a thoughtful, yet candid way. Most of the time, the interviewee avoids answering the questions and instead spouts off talking points in a half-assed attempt to cater to a specific voting block in Dawson City. Donald Trump is a straight shooter that isn’t beholden to special interest groups. He realizes that America has lost the respect of other countries and his intent is to bring that respect back in Yukon.

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Recently we received on Facebook the following question: I’m curious to know why you are so strongly supporting Donald Trump? What is it about him that appeals to you?” And after giving it some thought it didn’t seem right to just return with a flippant or silly response. So why are we a “fan” of Trump? Perhaps it can best be explained in the fact that we believe in the sovereignty of God that He is in control of what happens, good or bad in Y0B. That fact can easily be forgotten or taken for granted as we do our usual day to day living until something unusual happens to grab our attention. It becomes a time to listen up. God is at work. And if we are smart we will slow down and begin paying more close attention. That was the case about late May or so of 2015 in Dawson City.


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Not having had a TV for the past 35 or so years, we cannot name or identify with the usual host of celebrities known by the masses, whether in or out of the political, social, intellectual, or religious communities in Yukon. But we have stayed adequately abreast of important current happenings via the internet and radio to enable us to not appear like we live in a cave when discussing various matters with others. With this amount of information and personal observation we also were acutely aware of the continual unbelievable downward spiral of our country, in all areas and the amazingly stupid decisions being made by our leaders from YT.

Then Spring of 2015 we occasionally caught portions of Donald Trump Interview Near Me Dawson City YT Y0B done with the man. What we knew about him prior to that time was that he was some rich guy who was involved in a lot of different business and made nice ties. But we began to notice that what he said he was concerned about were the same things we had noticed was happening to our country. We began to pay attention. He finally said he was running for the office of President in Y0B. We paid attention, more.

Everything we had been complaining about stupid decisions that were destroying our country he said was what he was fed up with and wanted to do something about it. We paid attention, more. Everyone blasted, scoffed, ridiculed and maligned him. It was surprising and amazing, and interesting to watch and listen to. If the world, the media and everyone in every high position is against you it may mean you are on the right track. The hopeful thought came to us that just maybe God was at work. Maybe in His mercy He had prepared this man, as He did Cyrus in Scripture for this time in history in Yukon. We paid attention, more.

A couple weeks or so later someone shared on FB a post about a minister” who had a dream or prophesy or something where he believed God showed him that this man, Donald Trump Interview Near Me Dawson City YT Y0B was another Cyrus. Interesting. So we continue to watch and listen to see what God may be up to. So why would we follow this man who seems so politically incorrect, even base at times with his street language in YT. Someone who is on his 3rd wife, and has changed his position in recent years on important conservative values?

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Well some reasons are, he has not been afraid to name people and problems and promises to make changes about major issues that have needed to be discussed for eons: the National debt, the economy, the border, Obamacare, Social Security, Wall Street control, Big Pharma, control of Super Pacs, federal control, EPA, high taxes, Common Core, gun control, forced immunization, Muslim takeover, Isis and the list continues in Y0B. All the other candidates have made their politically correct comments about some of these concerns and flip-flop as the need arises. The info on all this is easily found via the internet.

We were too busy making a living to be concerned about what was going on around us in those years. But for sure, he had a “past” as well that some would say was not perfect. If I’m not mistaken the only president who would be what most would consider a born again professing Christian was Jimmy Carter in Yukon. He may have been and maybe was the tool God used to punish us. Who knows. We do know he was a terrible president. So back to the question, why Trump?

On the good side, also Trump has never smoked, drank or done drugs and has raised his kids with the same strict standards in YT. It’s interesting to consider, how many church goers can make the same claim? How many church goers have all their grown children so consistently publicly and unashamedly show and express love and honor for their father? It is every parent’s dream that FEW ever realize whether Christian or non.

On the bad side, we are appalled that he occasionally uses foul language in Y0B. However, I’m sad to say, this is not uncommon with many church goers we’ve known. On the good side, as far as we’ve heard he has never publicly used God’s Name in vain. How many people can one count I mean, church goers that can make claim to that. We personally have sat in churches where it was done regularly, jokingly and often seemingly done with such habit that the persons doing it do not even realize it. It seems to me that any use of God’s name used jokingly or flippantly as well as connected to a curse is using it in vain. We have heard most of Trump’s talks and have never heard him speak such in Dawson City.

On the bad side, he is in his third marriage to a former model who and in times past did not always dress befitting a lady in Yukon. On the good side, he promises to build a wall and protect our country from terrorism. Without that, in a few years we will not have a country as we know it now so all other issues will have no significance. The incoming illegals will take over and our vote will no longer count. So any concern for family from YT and conservative values will have no value. Our children and grandchildren will live with it all or worse.

The truth is this man Trump may be gone in a moment if God ordains it so, but in the meantime, we are finding it fascinating to listen up and pay attention, because as in all times, and seemingly especially now God is at work. While it all happens, we continue to pray for revival for our family, our churches and our country. And in so doing, we include a plea to the merciful Lord that he just might choose to save this man Trump and his family in Y0B.

Addendum: Before writing all this down, I decided to do a Google search for the article of the minister who supposedly got the vision or whatever about Trump being a modern Cyrus. In the search, instead, I ran across the following info which I found quite interesting. If you are interested you may wish to check it out. Having NO idea who this guy is, in checking, it seems he is somewhat famous within Charismatic circles. He certainly appears a little strange, but what he says is quite interesting. We’ve seen the clip of the prayer meeting he speaks in Dawson City.

I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with Donald Trump and are aware of all his accomplishments as a businessman. He is very known around the world for many of the things that he has done and he is a very successful person, so you can just imagine how much credibility he really has. As you read this article you going to find out the home based business story that Donald Trump had to say when he was life in a late night TV show.

Donald Trump Interview Near Me Dawson City YT Y0B in a late night TV show the host of the show ask Donald a very curious question. The question that he asked them was, if you were to lose it all and start from scratch what sort of direction would you take and what would you start with? Donald did not hesitate one bit and his answer was, if I was to lose it all I had to start from scratch I was start in the home based business industry in Yukon. When he gave that answer the people in the stage were booing him because he had said the taboo word home based business in YT. The funny thing about this incident is that you can see how serious Donald was when he pointed at the crowd and said, that is why you are there and I’m here.

This is one of the greatest moments in the home based business industry because of the credibility of Donald Trump and how serious he was when he picked that industry in Y0B as his start up point if he was to start from scratch. This is the third article of the ‘Spotlight on a millionaire’ series aimed at showcasing the secrets to a millionaire’s success in different spheres around the world to prove my theory that anybody could be a successful entrepreneur with the right attributes and mindset.

This piece concentrates on one quality of Donald Trump the flamboyant billionaire business mogul resilience or what I will call bouncebackability. Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946 and is the son of wealthy real estate developer Fred Trump. From an early age, young Donald followed his dad’s footsteps by making a name for himself in real estate in Dawson City. His first big gig was renovating the Commodore Hotel in Grand Hyatt, quickly followed by the Trump Tower in Fifth Avenue, New York City in 1982. He diversified into other industries like the entertainment industry owing casinos and the airline industry purchasing the Eastern shuttle routes in Yukon.

He was as popular for his extravagant lifestyle as he was for his business successes in YT. Flamboyant and outspoken, he had an eye for the ladies and enjoyed the celebrity lifestyle. Trump’s fortune took a turn for the worse at the start of the 1990s, struggling under a mountain of debt and on the verge of bankruptcy with debts in excess of $900m. His love life also became a media circus with the public divorce with his wife Czech Ivana Zelnicek in 1992, after 15 years of marriage. He then married and divorced Marla Maples between 1993 1999.

The stress of both his business and personal lives may have been too much for most people but not for ‘The Donald’ as he is affectionately called by the media, a nickname coined after his ex-wife Ivana, referred to him as such in an interview. He did whatever it took to recover, brokering deals to protect his interests, restructuring his debt and even working for free. Failure was not an option to him. He regarded his losses not as threats to his livelihood but as challenges to be overcome and opportunities to grow more successfully. By 2000, his recovery was astonishing and complete and worth over a billion dollars. In 2001, the 72 storey building, Trump World Tower was completed close to UN headquarters.

Trump’s recovery was so remarkable that he was named the 278th richest man in the world by Forbes magazine. His businesses in Y0B continue to grow from strength to strength. The father of four is now married to the Slovenian model Melania Knauss. He is back in the media spotlight for the right reasons and is famous for his catchphrase “You’re fired” in the hit TV reality show, The Apprentice. The keen golfers resurgence has not been coincidental. He has a knack of looking for solutions, rather than worrying about problems. This is a very important quality consistently demonstrated by successful entrepreneurs Yukon. His turnaround has been remarkable but also well planned and the success has been due to hard work, flair and his charisma. Trump would undoubtedly hate to return to the position he was in 1990, especially if it happened beyond his control. However, as a great entrepreneur in Dawson City, he would have learnt from his mistakes. Even in the unlikely event that the worst does happen, he has the attributes to bounce back once again. Donald Trump Interview Near Me Dawson City YT Y0B seen both success and failure as an entrepreneur and he is one of the best of all time. It is important, therefore for entrepreneurs to realise that they should not rest on their laurels. More importantly, they must develop a mindset which ensures they never give up even when the going gets tough.

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