Oh, The Wifi Networks You’ll Connect To!

Pharmacy’s the name of the house where I live.
IllinoisNet’s the school where my money I give.
The Living Room network reminds me of home,
And yazie’s a cat given freedom to roam.

AMNH-PUBLIC-WIFI was at the Museum;
The Gatlings would visit and sometimes I’d see ‘em.
They brought me Oatmeal Squares once; I was ecstatic,
But the wifi was awful and usually static.

Gogoinflight was costly verging on criminal!
I much preferred using the Illinois_Terminal.
To springfieldky I’ve travelled and roamed,
Though the signal so weak I preferred my iPhone.

The shop on my corner’s Espresso Royale, who
is friends with the deformed Expresso Royale 2.
The rival chain just down the street has two too:
CaffeParadiso3 and CaffeParadisoNEW.

I’ve checked into Le Meridien and zcrib;
When I slept at the Castle; they squabbled and squibbed
And they fought for their legacy ‘gainst all the robots
Who were sent down by Skyenet to rule and control us.

But Luxord the brave and Snizort the strong
Led their army of OKREGAM&NAMDRAOB
Against myraid forces of badly-named robots
And their leader, TR-808 who abhorred us.

There was ATT574 and his brethren:
The brothers, HOME-29–6 and -11.
But we knew the cost when we battled and brawled:
The Original names won the day for us all.

I’ve never seen Paris or London or Rome,
And indeed there are some days I never leave Home.
But the sun never sets on the networks I’ve seen;
I’ve been all ‘round the world on a wireless stream.

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