Chasing the Tech

This a note to self… don’t chase the tech! I see this becoming a huge problem with you and the more technologies evolve, the more you feel obligated to use them all. This is you with the instruments all over again!

I came across this article and thought yes! This is how I feel! I was an ActionScript developer before I took the JavaScript plunge, the idea of getting in bed with “the loser” has left a sour taste in my mouth. At this point, all I want to do is diversify my skill set. Who wants to specialize in something that will render itself obsolete? I will say ActionScript and I had some great moments together and Flash stuck around for quite a while (and it’s still around and profitable for those in certain industries). But I can’t help feeling like a fiance who was left at the alter. Now I find myself unable to settle down with a single framework for fear of abandonment.

Which framework do I use? Enter Angular. At the time I started using it (back in 2013) it was simple enough to pick up. Not simple, but I was able to do pretty cool things without the advanced badge which made me really take an interest. I’ve always visualized my code more component/directive based (ActionScript had a big role to play in this). Even till this day I still conceptualize my classes in the form of movieclips. Just to see what else was out there, I walked the path to Aurelia, at the time it was still undergoing development so there was not much of a community. After hitting a few roadblocks, I turned to React. I felt it was a little odd but it started to make sense really quickly. Angular definitely seemed a lot more simple to get started, but I stuck with those two. Using React, I developed a rinky-dink boilerplate repo in github, even though I was ass backwards in my approach, I learned a lot about React and the Flux architecture, enough to know this was a language worth spending some time with.

With all above said, I told myself, Angular 2 is what it’s going to be… but I like React too. I also have an Ember project that I’m 90% complete with (see, there I go again, I won’t get into server side, or compilers/transpilers). I guess there is nothing wrong with being a jack of a few trades. There is also nothing wrong with picking a single framework and riding it out. So I’m always feeling conflicted with this. One thing I do to pacify my curiosity is read. I subscribe to blogs (Medium and Reddit will lead you down some awesome paths). I read a few articles and then share some topics with a few interested co workers, then I’m back to my daily grind. I try not to drive myself too crazy with keeping up with the tech Jones’s but I still want to know what’s going on out there. I’d be interested to know how others are dealing with the lot of new technologies that keep coming out.

These words have been sitting in my Google Drive for months now… Exhale… That felt good to type out loud.

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