The media plays a crucial role in disaster relief campaigns across the globe. Radio, television, and social media platforms are able to quickly spread word the moment disaster strikes, often even long before. But not all reporting and communication around disasters are created equal. Take for example the earthquake that rocked Haiti in 2010, devastating local populations. Countless news outlets reported on the events steadily for weeks. Relief campaigns ran and people were eager to send funds to the already impoverished country. As time passed, the media moved on and reported less and less on the aftermath that ensued. …

One of the things that most people in the developed world take for granted is clean, running water. James Cammilleri explains that as the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere, Haiti deals with issues of poverty and water scarcity on a daily basis. According to a study conducted by the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice, only 55.2 percent of the population has access to an improved water source, while closer to 70 percent do not have direct access to safe water. Access to clean, fresh water is a main concern in Haiti, which prompted founder of Elevating Christian Ministries, James Cammilleri, to do something about it. …

First of all: if you’re among the millions of people each year who support a worthy cause (or multiple causes) in your community — or perhaps you’re moved and inspired to help out a relief effort in another part of the country or planet — then you are indeed the heroes and heroines that we need. Please keep up your efforts (or better yet, dial them up!), and continue to be a role model and example to follow for your friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors; even total strangers.

Whether you’re contributing (or plan to contribute) your money, time or both, it’s helpful and important to know the differences between two of the biggest entities on the philanthropic landscape: nonprofit organizations, and charities. Here are the key distinctions according to James Cammilleri, a successful entrepreneur, Burger King franchisee, and co-founder of the nonprofit organization Elevating Christian Ministries that is on a mission to aid the hunger crisis in Haiti. …

Famed author Charles Dickens once observed that “no one is useless in this world who lightens the burden of others.” According to philanthropist and entrepreneur James Cammilleri, one of the best ways to bring this sage wisdom to life is by supporting a cause-based non-profit organization or registered public charity.

According to James Cammilleri — a successful entrepreneur from Victor, NY, Burger King franchisee, and co-founder of the nonprofit organization Elevating Christian Ministries that is on a mission to aid the hunger crisis in Haiti — here are three ways how non-profit organizations and charities directly transform lives, and indeed, futures. …

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James Cammilleri On What Direction to Go When Starting Your Business

Deciding to buy a business is one of the largest decisions you can make. It is an exciting time, but also a stressful decision. What industry? What store? And one of the biggest options, open a franchise or go “mom and pop”? Once you have figured out what industry you want to start up in, you will often land on the option of franchising. Of course, there are unique advantages and disadvantages to either option. James Cammilleri is not only a philanthropist, the co-founder of Elevating Christian Ministries, but is also a business owner who has been through this challenging decision a number of times. …

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James Cammilleri Discusses the Current Struggle to Improve Leadership in Developing Countries

The need for effective leadership is a constant in every organization, business, or country, anywhere around the world. However, while North American and European organizations focus on evolving and improving their leadership, many developing nations find their opportunity for political and economic growth lacking.

The leadership issues in developing countries stem from various political and cultural attributes. The countries often share a relationship through a limited set of resources (be it physical or human), inadequate infrastructure, economic and political instability, low literacy, and limited access to education and health care. …

James Cammilleri Outlines the Struggles Missions Face When Cultivating Change

James Cammilleri, the co-founder of Elevating Christian Ministries, has worked to help various communities across the globe. Starting as an entrepreneur, in 2016, James and his wife Sarah decided to focus on philanthropy, and Elevating Christian Ministries, was founded in response to an ongoing food shortage in Haiti. Their organization is a way to unite their passion for business, faith, and philanthropy. With this wealth of experience behind him, James utilizes his knowledge to positively impact individuals in need.

The benefits from overseas missions can be an ongoing and powerful change, affecting countries in need in profound ways. Elevating Christian Ministries, for example, focus not just on feeding people in need but helping them sustainably feed themselves. …

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James Cammilleri on Developing Business in a Third World Country

Starting a business is a difficult task that is made even more difficult when you are doing it in a third world country. Depending on the business you are starting, there are several major factors to consider. James Cammilleri, co-founder of Elevating Christian Ministries (ECM), an organization dedicated to feeding children in Haiti, spoke with us to go over the key things you need to know before you start developing your business in a third world country.

Struggles Facing Third World Countries

Most third world countries are former colonies of European powers, many of which gained their independence after World War II. The natural resources of these colonies were exploited, and when they gained independence, many of them had to overcome the adverse economic effects created by colonialism. Some key characteristics required to reverse such conditions are economic discipline, good management, strategic planning, and compo tenant political leadership — attributes that newly independent countries usually lack. …

James Cammilleri on What Does Elevating Christian Ministries Assist With

Around the world, there is more than enough food produced every day to feed the global population, and yet 821 million people go hungry every year. After steadily declining for a decade, world hunger is on the rise, and affects roughly 11 percent of people globally. With dozens of charities fighting to end world hunger, one charity is working directly with local communities to find sustainable solutions: Elevating Christian Ministries in Haiti. …

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James Cammilleri On What is Elevating Christian Ministries Philosophy?

It often feels like the news is filled with stories of corruption, environmental disaster and rising political tensions, but what about all the good news? Occasionally, it is comforting to hear uplifting news, so we would like to highlight the work and philosophy of Elevating Christian Ministries (ECM), an organization based in Victor, New York, that has been fighting hunger in Haiti since 2016. To go over their mission and priorities, we spoke with James Cammilleri, the co-founder of (ECM).

Hurricane Matthew

As many people know, Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti in October 2016, which caused them to lose their crops, gardens, animals, and thousands of homes. But even before this crisis shook the island nation of Haiti and took the lives of 603 people, over 80 percent of the Haitian population were living below the poverty line. …


James Cammilleri

Co-founder of Elevated Christian Ministries focusing on providing infrastructure and food to communities in Haiti.

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