James Cammilleri Discusses the Current Struggle to Improve Leadership in Developing Countries

The need for effective leadership is a constant in every organization, business, or country, anywhere around the world. However, while North American and European organizations focus on evolving and improving their leadership, many developing nations find their opportunity for political and economic growth lacking.

The leadership issues in developing countries stem from various political and cultural attributes. The countries often share a relationship through a limited set of resources (be it physical or human), inadequate infrastructure, economic and political instability, low literacy, and limited access to education and health care. James Cammilleri, co-founder of Elevating Christian Ministries takes the time to discuss why effective leadership is a necessity in developing nations, and what ECM is doing to help.

Establishing Leadership Development Systems

While most discussions are often centered around infrastructure, natural resources, healthcare, and education, it has become abundantly clear that effective leadership is at the core of the future success of developing nations.

James Cammilleri stresses the need for sustainable leadership development systems and employment opportunities. Every nation has a distinct history, culture, and political sphere with a wide range of unique challenges — which poses the question ‘how do we identify high potential leaders?’

According to James Cammilleri, developing countries must continue to place emphasis on building leadership skills in their populations of young workers. By providing them with local career opportunities, they help make talent management a top priority and cultivate empowerment through employment.

Elevating Christian Ministries

James Cammilleri and his wife Sarah, founded Elevating Christian Ministries in 2016, following a trip to Haiti. They work diligently to elevate children through nutrition and education while breaking the cycle of poverty. Having established a Bread Feeding Program, ECM trains local bakers to provide nutritious whole wheat rolls to children through various schools in the area. To date, over 6,000 children have benefited from the program. There are 15 thriving locations and approximately 6 bakers are hired monthly as the program continues to reach new heights.

ECM has a committed staff both in the United States and Haiti that work to maintain effectiveness, accountability and strategic planning. Additionally, ECM is working hard to establish small businesses in many of the communities they are involved with, to inspire leadership.

Through their income generating projects, they provide local communities with the resources to help cultivate long-lasting positive change. With a strong focus on communications with partners, business development, and operational efficiency, James and Sarah help ensure forward movement. Ultimately, establishing leadership roles in areas of lessened economic and political stability is critical to long-term success.

Knowing that Change is Possible

There is a rich potential for the leadership in developing countries to carve a well intentioned and successful path. Through education and training, the leadership can improve to better develop their countries and people.

For more information on elevating Christian Ministries and the work that James Cammilleri and his wife Sarah take pride in, please visit https://www.guidestar.org/profile/81-2919044.



Co-founder of Elevated Christian Ministries focusing on providing infrastructure and food to communities in Haiti.

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James Cammilleri

James Cammilleri

Co-founder of Elevated Christian Ministries focusing on providing infrastructure and food to communities in Haiti.