Co-Founder of Elevating Christian Ministries, James Cammilleri Outlines the Struggles Missions Face When Cultivating Change

James Cammilleri, the co-founder of Elevating Christian Ministries, has worked to help various communities across the globe. Starting as an entrepreneur, in 2016, James and his wife Sarah decided to focus on philanthropy, and Elevating Christian Ministries, was founded in response to an ongoing food shortage in Haiti. Their organization is a way to unite their passion for business, faith, and philanthropy. With this wealth of experience behind him, James utilizes his knowledge to positively impact individuals in need.

The benefits from overseas missions can be an ongoing and powerful change, affecting countries in need in profound ways. Elevating Christian Ministries, for example, focus not just on feeding people in need but helping them sustainably feed themselves. Through education, tools, and facilities, they provide the necessary resources for community members to thrive.

However, missions can also lead to a significant number of long-term problems, if not executed properly. James states that individuals looking to make a difference must define reasonable objectives and implement a comprehensive plan of action. Most importantly it is imperative that any organization work to integrate themselves within a local community to ensure a lasting and positive impact.


It is important to ensure proper communication before embarking on a charitable initiative. Not being in an area long enough or failing to understand the issues that pose a threat to a community can have a detrimental impact over time.

According to James Cammilleri, a staggering number of missions fail to generate change, and it is largely due to a lack of communication and understanding. Many non-profits lack realistic goals and do not have the necessary resources available to meet the objectives they have put in place. As a result, well-intentioned volunteers end up providing unnecessary assistance which, at best, does not help the current situation, and at worst, has a negative impact on the local community.

Inability to Execute a Plan

Those dedicated to cultivating positive change need to be able to adapt to a community’s needs and expectations. According to James, the primary objective is ensuring the mission’s goals are met and that all deliverables are attainable. Successful management teams establish a goal-oriented culture and work diligently to provide effective solutions.

Mismanagement of Expenses

Short term missions tend to be significantly more expensive than long term missions on a volunteer to volunteer basis. The cost of traveling in order to contribute for a week adds up to many additional expenses that could be used to help the local community in other ways. Long term missions have the opportunity to make better use of these expenses. Alternatively, directly funding the local community allows for them to personally decide what they need, and their access means that they can often spend the money at a more efficient rate.

Despite the possible drawbacks, it is more than possible to provide positive change to local communities. Through education, long term assistance, and direction from the local as to what they could use most, missions can be, and often are, still a force for good. The trick is to focus on who you can help, what they need, and how you can best provide that. It is always worth it to help people through a time of crisis or need.

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Co-founder of Elevated Christian Ministries focusing on providing infrastructure and food to communities in Haiti.

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James Cammilleri

James Cammilleri


Co-founder of Elevated Christian Ministries focusing on providing infrastructure and food to communities in Haiti.