Three Reasons Why I’m Still Very, Very Glad Hillary Lost
Caitlin Johnstone

I don’t know why you’d think Hillary is more dangerous than Trump. Trump doesn’t think, he reacts, and has proven faithless in all his “deals.” Would we need to investigate collusion with Russians, or is Hillary’s use of a private email server somehow worse?

People just despise Hillary Clinton, and they constantly justify it with false claims and speculation. The Republicans have admitted that the whole Benghazi-turned-email investigation was about taking her down. The admission cost Kevin McCarthy the Speakership. In the meantime, we hear about child trafficking, forsaking Haitians, funneling money from the Clinton Foundation to her own family’s pockets, deliberately allowing the Benghazi staff to die, murdering past associates, starting wars, and all kinds of made up bullshit. Find me one fucking witness, one final document from Republican committees or from law enforcement that says any of this.

I can’t tell anyone what to believe, but there’s no way I can accept that she would have just flung us into war with Russia or screwed around with Syria. This is just more alternative fact.

I’m *not* a huge fan of Hillary. She is not so likable and is too self-protective. But she’s much “pilloried” than “Killary”, in some ways by her own nature, but mostly by the mud everyone has slung at her. For me, it’s more about standing up to bullshit than standing up for Hillary.

Now, I ask: who the fuck cares anymore anyway? The FBI, the “committees”, and Russia all fucked her over. Trump lied about her health, swore he’d lock her up, and blamed her for Bill’s mistresses, all after trying to get her into bed in the late 90s. What’s left? She lost, she left, and she isn’t coming back. The hit job is done. Move on.

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