How to Find the Right Physician for Independent Medical Examination?

An independent medical examination (IME) is a unique type of physical exam. It involves evaluating a person’s medical condition or injury by a physician that has no prior relationship with the patient. This type of medical examination is often related to work or accident which is associated with injuries where liability is at issue. In some cases, third part evaluation is required for worker’s compensation or insurance purposes.

If you are looking out for an independent medical examination in Sydney, consider these things.

When you decide to choose a physician for an IME, you should try to look for one that can provide a thorough and accurate assessment.

Necessary Medical Expertise

Make sure the doctor is a certified physician. Is he or she and MBBS? Has s/he expertise in MD. Consider to see the doctor’s total experience in this field. A good health expert is sharp minded in written, practical and oral observations. He/she can demonstrate his/her mastery of a specified field. Besides, they have complete knowledge and skill sets to perform independent medical examinations at the highest professional level.

Knowledge and Experience

When making a decision, for physicians in Sydney, try to know how much knowledge and experience they have. It’s good to find doctors that are up to date with all the latest medical practices and information. Choose one who still practices medicine rather than getting an appointment with a retired doctor.

Professional Reputation

Make sure the doctor you are going to choose has a sound reputation in the medical industry. It’s good to know that an independent medical examination needs to be unbiased and objective to treat your properly and provide you with a fair report of the injuries involved. The physician who conducts the assessment be renowned in the medical community. He or she should be well known for practicing with the highest level of integrity.

Prior Experience

Ensure that the doctor you want to fix an appointment with has a prior experience in the independent medical examinations (IMEs). He or she must be able to conduct IME successfully and prepare the best report. It’s advisable to find a doctor who specializes in this type of assessment and should experience in this field.

Time Duration

Before getting an appointment, consider how long will it take for scheduling an appointment and receiving the evaluation. What if you have an emerge case, but you cannot see quick appointment with a physician? Some doctors in Sydney have a long wait period to perform an IME whereas others offer priority scheduling to patients.

So consider the above things before meeting a doctor.

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