Let This Election Be Over So We Can Be “Friends” Again

In 2012, I wrote a brief post about how disrespectful people are to each other on social media when it came to discussing the upcoming election. Four years later, this post remains as relevant as it was then, and that is extremely unfortunate. Here were my thoughts:

It really bothers me that for the past few months, my social media feeds have been completely inundated with political postings. I think I’m like most people in that I only agree with half the posts I happen to be subjected to.

What upsets me most are some of the discussions that follow the postings. Some comments can get so out of hand and disrespectful. Social media is really the only place where two people who have never met but are connected by just one person can find each other on the comments section of a post and proceed to insult the shit out of each other. Equally disappointing are some of the bigoted, insensitive, and out of touch comments that have come from people I do know (I actually saw someone use the term “illegal alien” in a post recently). It’s enough to ruin a nice relaxing evening.

All I can say is that I can’t wait ’til this election is over and the decision is made. I have my preference and I know who I am going to vote for. No one’s political posting will change my mind about that. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same about my opinion of anyone who has made disrespectful comments about other peoples’ views, gotten in shit-slinging comment battles with people they’ve never met, or has insulted full groups of people whose struggles they do not fully understand.