Tech Gone Wrong

Attention tech workers, innovators, computer nerds! We’ve all enjoyed the spoils of this booming industry we love so much, but I have bad news…tech has gone wrong.

Everyone should have noticed the headlines by now. The list of tech companies behaving poorly is growing. You’ve seen the results:

  • It’s now standard practice to sell user data for profit
  • Manipulation practices are embraced in the name of growth and scale
  • Excluding and discriminating features are built into new products
  • Leading companies are downplaying responsibility for fair practices like accessibility
  • Internet gaming is now a diagnosable addiction and treated by psychologists
  • Social…

12 Jan 2016

As a designer, I love patterns. From nature to technology, they make the world go ‘round. UX Design teams collect patterns in different forms, from style guides to design wikis to sticker sheets, they all aim to unify the work of a group of people. To be productive as a team, we need a cohesive direction, and the pattern library is our attempt. It’s a place where anyone on the team can see what our established patterns are and use them as a springboard for their project.

The benefit of a well kept pattern library is clear…

Watch the video.

I love exploring new avenues for creativity. After years of working on stationary pixels it was great to play with some moving pixels for a change. I just completed a video project. Here is the story…

I’ve been working with the owner of a local prototyping shop for many years on their various branding and marketing efforts. They transform drawings from engineers into realistic product prototypes made of metals and plastics. So a conversation about their website redesign project sparked an interesting idea about video. …

08 Jan 2015

Creative people often have a story to tell about the adventurous path they took from where they started to where they ended up. I love hearing them describe their unique adventure, with its ups, downs, and surprises.

Finding your creative calling and matching it to a sustainable career is a complex design challenge, and its process is never linear. It often starts with a naive student studying a traditional vocation, living in a coma of convention. One day they serendipitously stumble into a rabbit hole that opens their eyes to a new world of creative possibilities. Or…

James Carleton

I ♥ design. I'm a UX designer + family man in silicon valley. Currently obsessing over design systems at PayPal. (Legal dept says opinions are my own.)

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