The Archivist

I’m not typically a fan boy when it comes to Apple ads, but one of their latest entitled “The Archives” got to me. The ad follows an old man going through boxes and folders of old photographs and film reels in a warehouse that appears to represent someone’s digital photo and video collection. We discover that he responsible for assembling a slide show of memories on demand to display.

For as long as I could remember, I’ve always had a propensity for collecting, cataloging, organizing, and archiving all sorts of photos, maps, and other items that I felt were important to hold on to. Growing up I watched my mother discover the art of photography and documenting much of my youth through film, and would secretly watch over her file cabinet of photos and negatives to ensure they were in order and stored appropriately. Later I would be meticulous with own 35mm photos, and later with digital stills honing my own photography skills. I would eventually add add my mother’s 1,200 scanned negatives to my collective.


While I was many who bemoan the loss of Aperture a few years ago in favor of Apple’s consumer friendly Photos app, I also took the opportunity to have my archive of photos and video in one place. And in the fear of becoming portraying an Apple commercial, nothing gives me better joy to meet up with friends, family, and even just a quiet moment to myself to pull up the past out of my pocket. It’s moments like those that I appreciate my archivist tendencies, and kind of neat to see it visualized in the ad.

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