How SEO is better than PPC marketing?

james cavin
Mar 4 · 2 min read

Most of the times, the companies gets confused over taking the SEO services or else PPC services? and here in this article the same thing will be addressed. PPC as the name indicates you need to pay per click of traffic which you receive from services like Google ads and others. Where as SEO traffic is free, however, in both you need to pay for the SEO services New York agency who are managing those platforms for you.

Pay Per Click and it’s cost

Let’s consider Google Ads, which is one of the most famous pay per click forum which generates billions of dollars and stands as major source of income for search giant via advertising. Especially in Google ads, you will be paying per click i.e for example, let’s consider your business on an average rate per click is around $5 and your budget is around $5000, then you get around 1000 clicks per month, apart from paying the digital agency who manages your ads.

SEO and its costs

While the SEO, on the other hand, despite takes time to see the results. If done well, can be long lasting. Here you will pay the New York SEO agency for optimizing your site to get in listed into top search engine results. If choose a good SEO agency and spent same amount of $5000 and able to get your website into first page in a year, there after you can enjoy free traffic, of course despite you will be paying a maintanence fee for the agency which is going to be minimal.

Thus in long run, you can expect that SEO is going to be much fruitful and better in terms of return on investment. However, the risks is that you can get some traffic with the money you invest in the PPC, while, there is no guarantee that whatever money you invest in SEO can yield you results as search engines keep on upgrading their algorithms and hence it is was constant process, no genuine SEO company is able to offer guarantee on their SEO services but still the majority of the working style remains same if you maintain quality website which makes SEO a must try compared to Paid marketing.