Dario Spallone: Launching the World’s First Thermochromatic Watch

Since the dawn of time, a professional look was not complete without a watch just as powerful as the suit. In recent years, the watch has evolved into more than just a time piece it is now a fashion statement made in and outside the office. However, it is quite difficult to find a classic timeless watch for a mid-range price. Dario Spallone the 22 year old CEO and his three co-founders noticed this problem and acted on it, thus, D1 Milano was born.

After its launch, D1 Milano were a huge success and received many accolades during the 2013 Milan Fashion week. They had succesfully launched their watch in 30 fashion stores and had seen growth in sales and brand visibility. A visit to their website is similar to that of a high end brand, it is sleek and draws you in. The watches are elegant, stylish and can be worn effortlessly and still make a statement. During the holiday season, D1 Milano sold out of watches which goes to show it’s popularity. It has expanded into other countries outside of Italy and is now available in Panama,Dubai, Qatar and Saudi Arabia where it has been seeing strong growth. This young company now has people asking, what next?

The answer: The World’s First Thermochromatic Watch

After two years of intergrating the technology into a durable yet stylish watch, the company will soon be launching it’s first Thermochromatic Watch. It reacts at a temperature of 27°C and will end at a camouflage color. During an interview with Forbes Magazine, Dario Spallone said that he is interested in the intergration of technology and fashion which the company is currently exploring. Which means that we are due for some very interesting fashion pieces.

The young brand has gained a lot of popularity and has celebrities such as Tyrese Gibson, Diplo, the Italian Politician Roberto Giachetti amongst others proudly wearing D1 watches. Their designs are suitable for any occassion and remain stylish, sleek and lightweight. The thermochromatic watch joins it’s already popular collection and is bound to help propel the brand into greatness.

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