A Race A Month: January-March 2016

My prize from the Pickle Run

Claire and I made a New Year’s Resolution this year to do one race a month. She wanted to start running more, and I wanted to get back into it. Through June, we’ve stuck to our goal. Here’s a review of our winter races.


2016 Winter Pickle Run Road and Trail Series No 1 (Ridley Creek State Park, PA)

Jay: Our first race of our New Year’s resolution. It had two options: the paved path or the trail. I chose the paved path since it was shorter and easier. The organizers did a good job making the atmosphere fun and loose. I won a prize, an anthropomorphized pickle in a jar, for coming closest to guessing my time.

Claire, on the other hand, almost won for being furthest (35 minutes!) from her projected time.

Claire: First trail run… and probably last trail run. This entire race consisted of me flailing through 20 inches inches of snow in the woods for over an hour. I also got lost twice because the running trail wasn’t marked. Despite an overall agonizing experience, the people who organized the race were super fun. I’d do it again (but I’ll stick to the pavement next time).


Cupid’s Chase, Pennsauken (Cooper River Park)

Jay: It was at Cooper River Park within walking distance of where we live. This was our first 5k at Cooper River, and we now know, after two other races there, this one wasn’t organized particularly well. Also, it was f***ing cold. The wind was intense blowing off of the river. Claire won a prize this time, but a woman somehow thought she won. There was a little bit of drama, but luckily Claire stayed out of it.

Claire: In hindsight, this is probably the one we should have just not shown up to. I was the first place female finisher (yay!), though I think my odds were greatly helped by the very low turnout (turns out other people smarter than Jay and I stayed inside instead). I had to stay around, outside, by the river, for about 45 minutes after I crossed the finish line to claim my prize (which ended up being a trophy and a big Vera Bradley bag, so it was worth waiting around for).


Back on my Feet Five Miler, Philadelphia

Jay: I liked this race a lot. It started right next to the Philadelphia Art Museum, and went up and down the Schuylkill River Trail. I remember being grumpy on the way to the race, the mascot for Philadelphia arena football team was there, and running past Boathouse Row.

Claire: Turns out running is more fun when it’s above freezing. This race was great, good crowd, really well-organized. And it gave me a preview of some of my June half marathon route in Fairmount Park (see upcoming post for more on those fun times). I think this race marked a turning point, with the terrible winter races now behind us. On to the humid and hot spring and summer races to come!