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The problem with your analysis is that the AP was investigating Hillary’s meeting with PRIVATE citizens, NOT meetings with staff and other members of government. OF COURSE when you add in staff meetings and such, the percentage of people that donated to the CF is low. Duh. When you look at these PRIVATE CITIZEN meetings, the AP story is right on. Over 50% of these meetings were with people who had donated to the Clinton Foundation. NO American is so naive to think that this isn’t how Government works in America, on BOTH sides of the aisle. It is called “Crony-capitalism” for a reason; CRONIES get special access. The rest of us peons sit on the sidelines and hope that our elected and appointed officials will represent us. Ha. MOST of us know that we are basically screwed. Those with money/power get what they want; access and favors. The rest of us? You figure it out.

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