How I lost $200m dollars in 3 years

With A $60M Revenue Run Rate, ClassPass May Be The Next Uber
As it stands now, our sources report that ClassPass is tracking to a $60 million revenue run rate for 2015, a run rate that has doubled in the past three months.

While enjoying a fine glass of Malbec tonight I stumbled across an article on ClassPass — the “One pass to Unlimited Group Fitness Classes” startup that launched in early 2013.

It sounded like a brilliant idea. And vaguely familiar.

Oh yeah — because I had the same idea in 2011. A quick Google Docs search uncovered this beautiful document.

Created Sept.27th, 2011

ClassPass got to a $60M run rate in 2 years and is now valued at $200M dollars. Here’s how far I got.

Last edited September 28th, 2011

A friendly neighbourhood reminder to Just Fucking Do It ☺.

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