My Journey to being a Coding Master



My interest in coding first began when I was excited by the thought of creating my own website. The intention was brought upon me due to a family friend wanting a new website built for their company. I brought it upon myself to attempt to learn a new and valuable skill, a skill that can be used in the modern world and a skill that is becoming even more commonly used.

That thought led me to consider the different ways in which I could create this website. I could use an external website that had pre-made settings or I could start from scratch and determine what I wanted and where it would go. Doing the former didn’t add any value to me as I didn’t see the benefits for myself so I chose the latter option, which involved learning how to code. I was now getting more and more eager about the thought of making my own website.

The seed had been planted.

I was now interested in learning how to code and I had an end goal. I thought “where can I learn?” The first thought that came to mind was YouTube, so that’s where I started. Firstly I decided what programme language to use, C++, and then which software would be compatible with it, XCode.

I decided to use C++ because at the time I thought that it was widely adopted in the coding world. It was one of the main languages that I have heard of so, as a result, thought that there would be many different resources to use. Another reason for using C++ was that it was compatible with XCode and it was free to download on the mac. This was a great advantage as I could practise my code without having to worry about any cost.

When I felt that I had learnt a sufficient amount of code, I downloaded XCode and started applying my knowledge. It wasn’t much — it was very basic, just some text that changed colour. Despite the fact that the code I was learning wasn’t as advanced as I was hoping for, it didn’t affect or alter my attitude and aspirations towards coding. I thought it’s a start and I had to start somewhere. I was learning and that’s what mattered. I soldiered on, applying anything new that I learnt to the previous section of code I had written before. Bit by bit, I improved my overall knowledge. Now I was adding headers and creating links. Exciting stuff.


After applying my C++ knowledge, I found that there were different languages with a lot more resources that I could use. So again, I had a look at YouTube and found that one of the easiest programming language to learn was HTML and CSS. Once more, I tried to grasp the language and learn as much as I could from YouTube.

Then I found CodeAcademy.

I started to explore the different topics which I could learn about, and HTML was the one I was looking for. ‘Learn HTML and CSS Part 1’ seemed to be where I should start, but that wasn’t the only course I was interested in. There was another course called ‘Make a Website’ and that was my end goal. I was now getting really enthusiastic about the prospect of producing something that someone else could use.


I already had a basic knowledge of HTML as I’d looked at YouTube videos previously so the first few exercises were just revision. I tested what I had learnt and watched more videos if I was uncertain about how to carry out a particular problem. I worked through the first course and was feeling more confident about my coding ability.

Throughout the next few weeks, I attempted to learn as much as I could within the limited amount of time. Following this, I wrote down all the information that I felt was necessary, or which I thought would help me later in my learning process.

Eventually my skills were not needed to create a website because the family friend had decided to sell their business; however this wouldn’t stop my desire to learn. I was starting to become more competent with the coding language in general and tried to soak in as much as possible.

I began to really enjoy the tasks that were being set and the results that it produced. As I got more confident in my ability, I started to look for more tech related jobs. This led me to Sparta Global and since then I have never looked back. I continue to learn as much as possible and absorb the advice that was given to me by my knowledgable superiors.

The overall lesson that I gained from this experience is that by persevering and pursuing a goal, you can get there in the end.

To be continued …