So why do we keep reading them? Because the fiction they present gives us so much pleasure. Few things sound better than hearing that all we need is just to know five, or six, or however many easily counted, ever-so-doable key things, and then we’ll realize our greatest dreams.
Why Blocking Jon Westenberg, Benjamin Hardy, et al., Will Improve Your Life
Matt Pfeffer

Their content is geared towards inherent human weaknesses i.e. money, sex, power, and numerous variations thereof. “8 must have morning routines” and the like are directed at these weaknesses and its hard for people to not read it.

Alas, snake oil has been sold since the dawn of time and these hacks are just a variation of it.

The sad thing is that Hardy supposedly has a Phd in psychology or something like that. You’d think with all of that schooling he could find something original and beneficial to say rather than garbling up the same old bullshit about morning routines and cold showers. You know, the stuff a monkey could write.