How to help your woman grow

Something I have learn over the years about women is that they do not respond well to criticism. Even if you express the way you feel in a nice tone of voice. Something I learned by reading the book “The way of a Superior Man” by David deida, is that men grow by a competitor or In competition. This means; the way us men work is we don t like for another person to tell us that they are “better” than us in something or if we “can’t “ do something. For example, at a younger age me and my friends love to race. One of my friend would tell me all the time he was faster the I was but the competitive nature Inside of me refuse to believe he was faster than me. Competition is what makes us men grow.

Woman grow by love, support, and praise. Telling our woman, “I love the the shape of her body”, will be a much better gain for her to excerise than telling her, “I hope you don’t gain any more weight,” or “you should try to eating less.” Praising will always magnify the qualities in your woman.

If you want your woman to grow in health, love, happiness, beauty,power then praise them daily. Numerous times a day.

If you are interested in the book I mentioned in the reading, click the link below. Very good book