According to Government statistics, there are around 87,000 deaf or hard hearing members using British Sign Language (BSL) as their first language in the UK.

So why is Boris Johnson’s Government cutting them out of the conversation around COVID-19?


Earlier this week, Channel 4 News…

‘Okay, cool — but why the pic of Harry & Jamie Redknapp?’ More on that later.

My dad, Rich (or Dick as many term him), and I are starting a light-hearted weekly sports podcast.

Door-to-door, we live something like 319 miles away from each other — which can be a…

Ken Loach’s I, Daniel Blake portrays the struggle of unemployment in the North East

I’ve worked for as long as I’ve been able. I had a paper round when I was a teenager, worked in retail after I left school, kitchen portered, pulled pints, served food and Disc Jockeyed.

Like many young working-class people from the North East, I’ve never been the bone idol…

My little brother and sister outside Cardiff’s Principality Stadium.

Nationality (Noun): “The status of belonging to a particular nation.”

For years and years, the way I view my own nationality and what constructs it has provided an amusing bone of contention between my best friends and I.

But what better time to tackle the issue than in the days…

It’s crazy that The White Stripes — a two-piece punk-enthused, blues-inspired rock & roll band out of Detriot — helped shape the political development and cultural identity of a lad born in the North East of England with no musical talent, but they did.

Jack & Meg’s brand of childish blues sent me on a musical, political and historical crash course.

I was introduced to the music…


“I was looking for a job and then I found a job, but heaven knows I’m miserable now.” — Shut the f*ck up, Morrissey.

Having worked a variety of full and part-time jobs since I was 14-years-old — whilst studying towards GCSE’s, A-Level’s a BA and an MA — I…

Emily Hutchinson in action against Nottingham Forest in a staggering 8–0 victory at Hetton earlier this season.

Today, Sunderland announced a new sponsorship deal for its Ladies team with haircare brand Wash & Go signing up for the remainder of the current season.

Excellent news for the Lasses who haven’t received much in the way of external help in recent times.

Despite finishing 7th in the 2017/18…

George, Eva, Tom & James.

Today, by way of email, I learned that I’d achieved a Masters in Sports Journalism — my proudest achievement to date.

The news signaled an end to one of the hardest periods of my life so far.

These past 18-months have seen torment, tears, tantrums, trepidation and, from my point…

James Copley

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