Is There Anything

I Can Help With?

Honestly it’s such an obvious question and yet how often do you find yourself asking it? I’ll fess up here and say I have pretty much never asked anyone but I’ve absolutely been quick-as-you-like to bite the hand of someone who has asked me. I never asked because quite simply, i had the fear. Fear that offering would equate to more trouble than i could handle. Fear that I’d somehow lose face. Fear that I would be unable to deliver. It was always fear.

Mathias Jakobsen ( or @ThnkClrly), a learning designer at Hyper Island is also one of those that offers help in a slightly different way and i love it. Contact him through his IM/Twitter DM or similar with a question and he’ll take time out to help you with it. His e-mailers or rather ‘hand written notes’ carry that beautiful simplicity we all need at times when the walls get a little too high. Whilst trying to work out a solution for a project I am currently working on my friend Anna said ‘you should book an appointment with my boss Matthew, this is what we do, he could help’.

It seems to me that a very select group of similarly minded people seem to ask. I am pretty sure one of the smartest most dynamic most frighteningly quick people I have ever met was always quick to ask. Another friend (who is the greatest connector of people and their skills you will ever witness) does the same. And there are countless others and they all seem to share the same connecting tissue. They carry a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They carry an unwavering passion for their work and a belief in their skills that comes only with the resilience associated with seeing beyond your own.

Now it’s probably one of those things that you think nothing of and if you’re anything like me who can at times be a little awkward — the idea of asking someone if they need help only to be unable to, is likely going to lay a smacker on your self esteem but think beyond it.

So what’s the end game? Just ask. It’ll make a mark. They’ll never forget. They’ll appreciate it. We’ll all learn a little and feel a tad more connected to one another. And that, that can only be a very good thing.

And thankfully I think I’m slowly becoming a person that asks — ‘is there anything i can help with’?