6 Life Lessons From an Exhausted Entrepreneur
Leah Hynes

Great honest account Leah! However I agree with Lars, being an entrepreneur is seizing an opportunity and creating a unique product or service or turning an old/current on its head, an indie writer is not a entrepreneur in my view. The folks who founded and created Medium for indie writers/media/publishers are entrepreneurs.

There is some really helpful advice for entrepreneurs starting out, and being a social entrepreneur the first half resonated with me reminding me of when I started my journey nearly 5 years ago…

That being said point 5, 6 and (7?)…

Sales are vital in business and I think that’s just common sense. You need to be sell yourself and your product/service and you will struggle to get your business off the ground if you’re not comfortable in doing so.

Dumb luck doesn’t exist, you need to have an awareness to opportunity and seize it when it appears. Take measured risks, execute and implement, if it works it works if it doesn’t it doesn’t try something else.

Lastly: Go hard and at times slow down, you will have times when your incredible busy and you have deadlines and you may have some days (or weeks) that are quite quiet or that you’ve designated as quiet days, perhaps to catch up on admin tasks. This is part of the roller coaster ride that is being an entrepreneur, it’s not a steady job, but that’s what makes it exciting.

P.s This is actually the first article I’ve read on Medium too!