been brainwashed by my social media

So i have a browse through my twitter feed 10 minutes later i want yeezy boosts, a six pack, some protein chocolate and of course I do not even realise I have become a victim of the marketing brilliance and sheer legit brainwashing that celebs, companies and every other entity with a twitter account can do to its followers.

People underestimate the power of social media I really think they do, we live in a world now where as a business you can buy, import, export, get paid and collect your money without ever having to see a customer’s face and business now know that twitter has become a key to this.

it is a bad thing? is social media a bad thing of course it isnt it just makes you lack clarity between your essential needs and your materialistic wants. I do not need a six pack but twitter has shown me in 16 weeks i could get one. I do not need yeezys but thanks to trainer suppliers I could enter a raffle and maybe win some. Social media is now creating the footfall through peoples phones, no longer do you need a big shop with big signs in the biggest cities you can do it all from the genius that is social media.

So thats it for my own sense of self worth I have deleted my twitter app i’m just fed up of feeling how I do after 10 mins of looking through it. The words of Baz Luhrmann come to mind.

“Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly”

Twitter is my beauty magazine i guess!