Some random top tips for visiting Disneyland Paris based on our 4-day stay at Davy Crockett Ranch end May 2016:

  1. The pool at Davy Crockett ranch is excellent, make sure you allocate some time for a dip
  2. Early access to the park (0800–1000): bit disappointing as a lot of the rides don’t open until 1000. Check to see which ones do before dragging yourselves out of bed so early.
  3. Refurbishment: quite a few of the rides were undergoing refurbishment when we were there. Worth checking before you book if there are specific ones you want to go on
  4. Disneyland Studios: we made the mistake of assuming this stayed open as long as the Park, it doesn’t as it shuts at 1800 (as opposed to 2300 for the main Park)
  5. Ratatouille ride (Studios): always popular when we were there, use your FastPass as soon as you arrive for this one.
  6. Coffee: if you want a good coffee go to Starbucks in the Disney Village, the coffee from kiosks in the Park and Studios is creamy goo.
  7. Buffalo Bill Wild West Show: book this if you can. We did it on our last evening and it was a huge highlight. Good food and amazing show.
  8. End of day parade: choose your spot carefully. Ask a Disney attendant where to stand as there are lots of spots, which initially look good, but end up having poor views.
  9. Disneyland app: download this before you go. It’s really useful as it shows waiting times for each ride across the Park
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