2018 saw the craft beer boom continue apace, with the artwork adorning cans and bottles reaching new heights of creativity—these are Caña magazine’s top picks of the year.

Edit: The comprehensive 2019 edition of the very best in beer art and design is now available on canamagazine.com

Garage Beer Co., Virtue Signal. Artwork by Sevkan Ariburnu, Photography by Sergio Ävila

Creativity in craft beer is at an all-time high. In the tanks, but on the outside too; label design turning art-form as more and more of the world’s top breweries are pairing with artists and progressive design talent. From label designs that could stand alone as conceptual artworks to daring aesthetics that define a brand, as the craft beer juggernaut rolls on, its relationship with the arts rattles alongside at a gathering pace; beer cans are officially the new record sleeve.

Caña magazine founder James Davidson takes you on a hop-laden tour of his adopted home city of Barcelona—a city at the forefront of Europe’s ever-evolving craft beer community.

This story originally appeared in issue #8 (Spring/Summer 2018) of Lagom magazine which is available to buy from their online shop, along with their latest issue, Lagom #9. Photography by Yanina Shevchenko. (An updated (2019) and greatly extended Barcelona craft beer guide can be found on the new Caña website.)

Garage Beer Co.

Cradled in the ungainly embrace of the Serra de Collserola mountain range, the Llobregat river to its southwest and the Besòs to its north, the city’s geography — just five kilometres between 1,680 ft Tibidabo and the Mediterranean — has forced dense population upon a surprisingly small footprint. Its beaches…

The need for hotels to embrace community.

This story first appeared on The Shift, the content platform of contemporary travel event LE Miami, in October, 2016.

Groundswell members meeting with Jeff Koons to complete 11 Howard’s mural plans. Source.

Frequently stood outside my local corner shop just trying to get by, Clemence is a guy from Ghana with little but a smile. He stops me for a chat, I sometimes buy him a sandwich, and then I’m gone — with a crushing guilt that I’ve stayed in hotel rooms he couldn’t even comprehend; such is the disparity that exists even beyond the well-publicised elite/minion divide.

I’m lucky. As a travel writer/blogger/journalist/influencer [delete where appropriate], I’ve stayed in places I too…

James Davidson

Freelance journalist: travel, culture, design, food and drink, art. Founder of we-heart.com and forthcoming independent craft beer magazine, canamagazine.com

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