James Davis Wilson


Weekly Journal #9

Leadership in Antiquity

Entry 1: Lecture 10/20/2015, 9:40am, 1.5 hours

In a recent turn of events, I’ve made a new observation about myself as a student. It seems that when I confront myself about attitude towards school, it sparks a bit of change. I’ve been being pretty genuine in these journal posts about my performance, and I’ve made a bit of a turn around from the point I was at this time last week. I feel strongly about the quiz we took in class and my overall attitude has seen improvement. I was feeling very scared of the how fast the time is moving but now, I feel my brain building up to the momentum of the semester. As a graduating senior, it is important that I maintain a pace throughout the entire school year. I’m pumped now and more ready than ever to punch everyday of the rest of this year in the face with productivity. Aside from getting a higher score on this quiz today, class was cool. Sometimes I wish we had more visual reinforcement during class, as much as I like my classmates and professors, the sounds of voices can become a little stirring.

Entry 2: Assignment on Leaderships and Solitude 10/20/2015 11:10am 2 hours

This article provided a lot of insight on the idea that leadership is more of a solitary role. I really enjoyed the writer’s inclusion of his depiction of what leaders seem to be in modern times. He creates a mold for how we in this nation breed leaders, and refers to them as “world class hoop jumpers”. I found this pretty funny. I’ve always wondered why people aren’t pushed in the direction of their apparent interest. We attempt to shape and mold every child into 1 of 5 categories and if they don’t fit then the support withers. We praise those who can exceed the standards of the ones that came before them, when the realm of standard setting is so wide and infinite. Wide enough for everyone to explore and excel in their own right. This article was pretty good and I wish we would read more articles like this one. Being alone with your thoughts means to take solace by yourself and listen more clearly to the things that come to your mind. In the case of a leader, having endless dialogue with others, after hearing everyone’s case, and considering everyone’s points, leaders must retire to their lonesome and let their own thoughts overtake them for the sake of making a sole decision. In thinking for myself, the most taxing challenges I came across were finding something to where, what assignments I should work on and in what order, where will I eat, how long should I stay on campus, and how can I better prepare myself for tomorrow. Here are some of the notes I took while reading it.

-Most of the American elite, the people in charge of government, academia, business, military and so on, comes out from the Ivy League and its peer institutions or service academies.

-Leadership is not constituted by excellence, aptitude, or achievement.

-Being excellent didn’t take as much in the 80’s as it does now.

-At Yale, the writer perceives these excellent students as world class hoop jumpers.

-Conformity seems to be what is ultimately regarded.

-We only have leaders who know how to keep the routine in motion.

Entry 3: Lecture 10/22/2015, 9:40am 1.5 hours

In today’s class, I couldn’t really focus because I felt sick as dog. In mentioning this I would like to apologize for putting my head down in class. Never want my life outside of school to overflow into my scholastic experience. I let up for one day and now I don’t have notes for that class.

Entry 4: Studying for exam no. 2 10/26/15 3 hours

I didn’t use the method Dr. Sandridge recommended, but I surely remember it and will use it in the future for approaching almost any issue. I stayed home and studied because I had some guest from out of town and had to double as a host. Another instance of my two lives colliding. I started with the first point we went over in class, the five great stories of life. I attempted to reread the phaedo but that was an epic fail. My classmates were highly productive and put together a nice study guide that I went over as many times as possible. It’s a good resource, but somehow I don’t feel as prepared as I could be. Another note to my future self. This class provides a nice internal view of self. You can do a nice assessment of self through your attitude and performance of this class. An old girlfriend came back into my life and suddenly a lot of impossibilities feel very possible. Cheesy, corny, random are all things that statement are and more. But, I feel it in real time as I’m typing this journal and feel compelled to include it.