Morning Running!

Today is September 16th, 2014 and this is my second blog post about staying healthy and fit. Just a few hours ago I completed my morning run and cardio for the day. This morning truly felt like fall outside which makes me happy because I love this time of year and the outside temperature is just perfect for running not to hot and not to cold. When running outside it is always important to dress appropriate because you don’t want to freeze or burn up when you are running. During this time a year I always keep it simple and run in a short, hoodie, and my running shoes. To help me keep track of my running performance I use a running app called “RunKeeper” the app is designed to track your running speed and how many miles you run. Before I start my run I always make sure my music is going and that my shoes are laced properly because it’s frustrating to have to stop and tie your shoes. This morning I was able to get a 3 mile run in under 30 minutes which is great for me. By starting my day with a morning run I am able to get my metabolism going early and will help burn calories off faster throughout the day. I hope everyone has a healthy and fit Tuesday and makes time to do something healthy and active today.

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