James D Kuhn -Top 10 Beautiful Real Estate Websites


Modern and clean design, nice colors, convenient and unusual top menu. Good site navigation and structure. Powerful search system with many options. Cleverly organized search results with multitude of details given at once.

2. https://ru.airbnb.com/

Image-heavy and graphic-centric apartment rentals website with super convenient property locator system.

3. http://www.remax.com/

Very unusual and colorful design with html5 and css3 effects. Well thought out white spaces and styles usage. The website does not overwhelm visitors with a large amount of information due to its logical structure.

4. http://www.kharkov-for-rent.com.ua/en/

Wonderfully thought out color scheme which enhances warm and welcoming look of the website. The website contains a large number of images which are well-optimized and load within seconds.

5. http://www.sothebysrealty.com

Very creative homepage with high-resolution property images of ful screen size. User-friendly navigation and good fonts.


Simple, but good design with clear user interface and powerful search engine. Nice three-level menu and good fonts. The website is very comfortable and pleasant to use.

7. http://www.bayleys.co.nz/

Interesting design, good looking and easy-to-navigate search with a tabs system.

8. http://www.houseselect.net/

Small real-estate agent website. Great property locator and easily manageable properties listing thanks to SEOTOASTER.

9. http://www.forrent.com/

Good looking website with an advanced search system which gives visitors an opportunity to narrow down their search and find exactly what they need.

Information is logically distributed into blocks, the main points are highlighted and beautifully styled. Good and readable fonts are used.

10. http://www.kw.com/kw/

The site draws visitors’ attention because of its interesting slider on the background.

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