Dem Feelz You Give Me

When you…

From seemingly nowhere

Entered my chaos

Stirred the embers I forgot were there

Building a bonfire

In such a short time

Demolish the walls that surround me

One by one

Laugh as they fall setting me free

Never pick me apart

This soul you’re getting to know

Motivate me to be the very best

And simply desire to grow

Make me glow when you laugh

By being myself

Hurt whether my fault or not

I feel destroyed

Open up to me

Trusting me with your heart

Make me feel

Like you’d protect mine from the start

How to define this

These new feelz you give

Something somehow familiar

Yet something I've yet to live

Was the past just training

In order to know the real thing

When it finally enters your life

You can feel your heart sing

How could I know this

When it seems unheard of

Could this possibly be what it means

To truly fall in love

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