BT Complaint and Treatment of Customer.

i’ve been a customer of BT from April 2016, on the night of my services going live i noticed i couldn’t watch my HD channels.

I made a complaint in regards to this and had an appointment made for an engineer visit, at this time i was advised i would be charged £60 if i was not in for the visit. I took time off for the engineer visit. So the engineer who came to the house advised me “this isn’t the equipment BT supplied you with” i was dumbfounded. So i told the said engineer “this is the equipment BT supplied” it transpires i was supplied with but was paying for the wrong box and this was 8 months down the line, i had been supplied the G4 box when my subscription was for the G5 UHD box. I complained at the time of engineer visit. The engineer found there was a fault with one of British Telecoms network cards. The engineer advised me the fault would be fixed and i would receive a call when this happens. I sat waiting on a call for around a month, no call and fault was not fixed. After several (more than 8) calls to explain the fault was still the same, I was told another engineer visit would be booked. I took more time off and waited on engineer to come, my equipment was tested AGAIN and i was informed AGAIN it was a network card fault and this would be sorted. After a long long wait, the fault was still there. I was given £90 for the subscription i was paying for and advised that this would be rectified as soon as possible but it wasn’t. So i called and spoke to some people who were professional and others who called me rude, they would not put me on to a different agent then hung up on me. This seems to be a tactic of BT, hanging up.

Cutting a long overdrawn subject down, I was called by an agent at 23.00 to which i told the said agent it wasn’t professional to call customers at that time of night and he also terminated the call, sorry the call mysteriously dropped AGAIN. Please note I have never had calls drop when i make them before but (as above) it seems to be standard practice of BT to cut you off mid call.

i was on a call two days ago to which i was told i would be compensated but this had to be signed off as it was to be £160 This did not happen, I chased this up and found that there wasn’t any notes to say this (funny that) I was then advised i would receive a call the next day, this did not happen. I called AGAIN to ask why the call did not happen again i was advised a call was appointed for that night, before 23.00 i hoped. I received a call, this agent offered me £60 to which i refused and then i was offered £123.00 to which i advised the agent i had received an offer of £160.00 and was not being low-balled. I advised the agent a manager was scheduled to call me so the offers stopped.

A call comes in today, I think it was a manager and on having a long conversation with this adviser, She told me the fault was intermittent, to which i informed her to the fact that the fault had not been rectified. She then informs me that fault complaints are automatically closed after 5 days if customers do not call back regardless of fault being rectified or not. I find this practice disgusting as i was never advised of this, Infact i was advised that it would be me who received the call when said fault was addressed. So now it seems to be my fault did not exist on the gaps between me calling to chase up, on this note complaints are automatically closed without resolution more than twice. I had a heated discussion with an agent not to close the complaint down and this goes back!

Back to today’s call, i was told i would receive £2 for three months due to BT procedures and also a goodwill gesture of £30. I advised of other offers and i would not be taking this. i explained the fault, the treatment i had received and on call dropping. No way was i taking that offer so she escalated the complaint. i have had this complaint escalated twice before. So i was advised of the process and the ‘deadlock’ and i asked for this to be put straight to deadlock as i was very unhappy at the response. The complaint is now escalated again.

Summing Up

The fault did not go away. You have been informed of this, time and time again. BT do not put in terms and conditions how the complaints are closed if you do not call them every 5 days to inform them, this is what i was advised today.

After more than 10 calls to you i am offered £3 x 3 and £30 compensation. I do not think this is the way a company should treat a paying customer, i have never missed or been late with a bill. I gave you my custom but i do not receive what i payed for and still am paying for. I have had to cease my contract with TV, Broadband and landline due to your handling of complaint and substandard service as well as half the subscription i pay for.

I am so dismayed.

Just a little update.

So I’ve had failed contact with BT more than two weeks. I’ve had a manager on the phone, I was offered thirty pounds as a 'goodwill gesture'

Ha! Don’t make me laugh. I’ve lost more in one day waiting on two different appointments with your engineers. So I’ve now requested the complaint goes into deadlock. The process has not been explained to me but I’m taking it further. So to date I’ve spent £560 to date with a substandard service and then I’m offered a kick in the teeth as that’s how it feels to me.

Today April 24th

So had a conversation with rep and according to them I refused £160, I didn’t refuse that amount. I’d said yes to this to get the complaint out of the way. The girl had to get it signed off and I was only chasing the £160 up when I got not one but two different managers that offered me £36 to which I refused as I’d took the offer of £160. I do not see how they got to this stage. All calls are recorded so I think they should go back to the girl that offered me the larger sum and listen to that recording. I was also informed I’ve moved providers, which I haven’t. I had my last bill issued and I’m supposed to pay for 18 days service I won’t have. Billing period from 22nd April-23rd May but my services are discontinuing from the 5th of May. BT said the bill was generated before I decided to leave, if that was the case the bill must have been generated on the 5th of April. As that’s when I called to cancel the disgusting services I pay good money for.

As standard practice I record all calls and I’ve got the recordings of how they handle things. Today I was told I swore, which I didn’t. I don’t like being lied to. They treat me in this way and I’ve to take it. No sorry. No way, I’ve never been late paying them, never missed a bill. Gave them my custom when other providers are out there who will supply correct equipment and give you the subscription you pay for. For some reason I took all they threw at me. No more. I’m now going to the ombudsman, please note Ofcom do not deal with complaints like this. If you like me are done with the way they treat you go visit they will help.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.