The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

“ And I casually humbled myself to utter the word, “luck”.”

And thus you perpetuated the very thing you rail against. Why not claim credit for your hard work? Because you ‘think’ White people will see you as ‘uppity’?

Personally I can think of a hundred great Black role models who WORKED for what the achieved ~ worked and worked hard. In some cases they had to work harder than their White colleagues for half the recognition … but they did it. They weren’t bashful about it either.

Yet you are perfectly comfortable sitting back and ASSUMING everyone else sees you as Black first and … whatever else doesn’t matter, does it?

I never assumed the Black OBGYN who delivered both my children was ‘lucky’ to graduate medical school. She came highly recommended. She also got my wife through a harrowing emergency C-section the first time and never failed to keep me informed through the process. Her being ‘Black’, or ‘lucky’ never entered the equation.

I never assumed my Black neighbor was ‘lucky’ to be chosen as the Best Educator in the county. He is soft-spoken yet a brilliant communicator; wonderful with children.

I never assumed Samuel L. Jackson would be anything, but the PERFECT Nick Fury. The man is a fantastic actor ~ the essence of bad-ass leadership and coolness under pressure.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is the new face of Science for a whole generation.

A recent survey of incoming college freshmen revealed that they recognized Morgan Freeman as the Voice of GOD.

Mr. Leon, how about you stop ASSUMING what the White people around you are thinking and start helping them form opinions about you instead. You may just find the only one who thinks there is an ‘uppity nigger’ in the room is you.

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