We shall not let democracy die
Yonatan Zunger

It is really simple. All the mentioned authoritarian examples had power secured by the Point of the Sword/Barrel of the Gun. Caesar had his legions from the Gallic Wars and Hitler had his Brown Shirts which vastly outnumbered the German Armed Forces at the time, which included plenty of veterans of ‘the Great War’ in its ranks.

Where is Trump’s army? It certainly isn’t the US Armed Forces. There is zero reason to believe they will abandon the Constitution for a Trump (or any other) Dictatorship. The same goes for the various armed US Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

Next up … ah … there are no effective independent militias in the US. Even as ‘well-armed’ as some of the largest metropolitan police agencies are, they aren’t up to tangling with the US Armed Forces/National Guard as well as the reality they have jobs to do in the cities within which they exist.

So, the US military isn’t going to support a Trump dictatorship. Homeland Security isn’t going to do so either. Please recall the majority of them started working under either Presidents George W. Bush, or Obama, not President Trump, so they have no external loyalties to him, or his Administration, beyond what is constitutionally mandated.

It is really tough to run a dictatorship if no one with guns is obeying your orders, ya know? So, when a Court throws out an Executive Order ~ let’s say a Travel Ban of some kind ~ the armed and unarmed members of the ICE, TSA and other entry-oriented security personnel … won’t be enforcing the President’s will … because the COURTS told them … NOT TO.

So yeah, the folks with guns are obeying the legal/Constitutional processes which are pretty solid indicators our Democratic Republic is functioning as it should be and not according to the author’s dystopian fevered dreams.

Trump sends out angry Tweets about the courts and judges? Big deal. He’s not sending out armed agents to remove, arrest, detain, or assassinate those officials. He is sending off an open-to-the-public internet missive for Pete’s sake — that’s all. Those judges are grown-ups and should somehow find the Will within themselves to survive such a horrible thing [sarcasm].

Trump is sending out angry Tweets about the Press and certain particular new agencies? Big deal. They are staffed with adults last time I checked and should take their ‘evil Tweets’ like freaking adults. The Press is not immune to criticism ~ even by the President. Why would they be? The Press feels free to criticize him.

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