Negro Girls Convicted; Found Guilty in UAlbany Bus Incident
Masai Andrews

That video was … a horrible piece of BLM propaganda.

What matters was THE THREE WOMEN LIED. They lied about critical parts of their encounter. Bizarrely, while the video was able to show early parts of the encounter which supported some initial statements, they were unable to show later, racially-charged moments that would have exonerated them. This footage is available yet wasn’t shown …

Charge 11 … put it this way. Imagine a rural Southern College town where a White female student claims a Black man raped her and it turns out she lied about both the crime and the race of the non-assailant.

In Albany, Black men DID make threats against any of the White male students who had assaulted those three Black women … though it turned out NO White men attacked them. The threats and the charged atmosphere was still created by their LIE.

Furthermore, the Police had to devote resources into hunting down this ‘not’ crime … resources they could have devoted to protecting actual Black & White victims from actual crimes.

Now, let’s look at the encounter … if the fight was so savage, why did the two leave the bus, have that brief encounter with the drunk White women THEN realize they’d left their friend on the bus … where she was apparently still locked in violent combat? How does that make any sense?

I think it is safe to assume at least one of the ladies had a phone. Why not take a picture of one of the White girls who started the fight? It happens all the time. That would have allowed the Police and the University to get the people responsible for the racist incident. Didn’t happen …

They didn’t bother to get anyone’s picture, or testimony, after they exited the bus either. Certainly they could have gotten one, or two, students from the CROWDED bus to stick around for the Police to arrive, right? None?

Next, the rest of the bus camera footage does show several White male students finally breaking up the altercation … which was completely unmentioned in their initial interviews as well. Their actions on camera don’t match up to their testimony.

Finally, the video tells us ~ it doesn’t matter what REALLY happened because … RACISM. Even when it turned out the most racist people on that bus that night were the three Black women who decided to turn a simple drunken fight into a fable of three Black damsels valiantly fighting their way free of an drunken White Mob … which only happened in their imaginations. Except, since this was a fable and a fable easily revealed to be false, now stands as an excuse for anyone who wants to excuse the next, true racist incident in this Nation.

… Because … ya know … Remember those three Pretty Little Liars from Albany, ya’ll!

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