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Hi Kevin, yes we have moved from the rural Gila area to the town of Silver City. Now I can go to the gym 7 days a week without driving 70 miles round trip. Also we have a class County owned hospital, which I visit frequently for immunotherapy teaments (melanoma Stage III). I have written a story about my dance with cancer, I see it as a gift. Maybe I can figure out how to navigate Medium and post it (almost done but not quite). My spiritual walk has continued with 12 Step work and Native American ceremonies. Each summer I got to the Blood Reserve in Alberta and dance with the Kianai People, then down to the Mt Shasta region to dance with a rich inter-traibal family. All this helps me to grow my connection to the natural world and this makes challenges (the Chinese symbol for crisis is also the one for opportunity) a source of either growth or joy…sometimes both! As I watch Mandy begin her journey south (she will be 16 next birthday), with nerves in her hind end no longer functional so she falls sometimes and needs help into the car, I feel my own aging process and embrace it as best I can. One of my favorite memories at sea was the February voyage to the Donut Hole…12 hour watches and I was in the noise chamber (6 person state room I think). I remember being in a large group of fishing vessels while taking a 1,500 m cast, phew some close calls. Just had a right axillary lymph node dissection so need to go empty the hand granade drain…luego