There are arguments for and against different CMSs and WordPress is certainly no exception, rather than whey up pros and cons of all these different platforms I thought I’d go over why we use WordPress for the majority of our builds, so you can see it from an agencies perspective.

Ease of use

For myself and many of our clients WordPress has one of the most user friendly interfaces going, it’s geared up to be intuitive and consistent in design so users can easily gain familiarity when using their site. …

Keep Hold of Your Domains

It’s simple really, one of the biggest headaches I come across (mainly when there’s some form of website issue) is acquiring access to existing digital assets, namely domains.

The chances are you’ve worked with a company to develop your site and you’ve asked the developer or company to handle your domain, keeping everything under one roof to make your life easier. In the rare occasion something as serious as downtime occurs I can pretty much guarantee this will no longer be the case.

From experience these are some of the possible scenarios you may of…

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