The Last Duel — A review from a millennial…

It’s been a couple of months since I saw this in the cinema, but now it’s on Disney+, it’s reminded me how much I love it.

Ridley Scott came under fire recently for his comments against “millennials” for the reason The Last Duel did not perform well at the box office. Which, I mean, maybe you can make a case that a small percentage of people won’t want to watch a two and a half film set in medieval times. But, with the pandemic, people not having a lot of money to spend, they’re more likely to want to see something slightly more uplifting than a film centered around rape. With that and the lack of decent marketing, I can see why it performed poorly.

All that aside, this might be one of Ridley Scott’s best since The Martian. I was worried that Affleck and Damon were going to be distracting in a period drama, but I was sucked in by their phenomenal performances. And then there’s Adam Driver. Is that man ever in a bad film? He’s a powerhouse actor.

But the stand-out has to be Jodie Comer. I’d only seen her in Free Guy before this. Jodie’s ability to make subtle, but important changes in her performance over each chapter was nothing short of Oscar-worthy.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the rape scene. No one wants to watch something so violent and horrendous, but The Last Duel’s story is centered around this horrific event (which is based on true events). Unfortunately, we’re subjected to the scene twice, but for an important reason — to see it from the false perspective of the rapist and the true perspective of the victim.

The Last Duel is a powerful film. A woman, who is seen as property to her husband, stands up for what she believes is right. To stand against her rapist. Even in the face of death, she does not waver.

The Last Duel is not one to be missed.


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