Heroes and Villains

Recently, I read how Seal Team Six captured Al-Waz, a senior Al-Qaeda operative, without firing a single shot and while Al-Waz was armed, with several guards, and in a secure compound. The Seals acted with incredible discipline and military operational precision.

Recently, I watched a police officer fire seven shots into a car after stopping a driver for a broken taillight. The officer showed lack of training and emotional control.

Recently, I was saddened to read about the deaths of Navy sailors after their destroyer ship collided with a merchant vessel. The thought of Navy sailors having to decide to close a department that was flooding and contained other sailers, in order to save the ship and others, is heart breaking. Also, the thought of the Navy sailors waking up in a department that was rapidly filling with water and eventually drowning while swimming and fighting to find a way out is gut wrenching. I am very confident that the US Navy will do whatever it takes to determine the cause of the accident. Also, the Navy will take steps to punish those responsible and to implement corrective actions to avoid future disasters.

Recently, I learned that the police office who erratically fired into the stopped car was acquitted of manslaughter. I am very confident that the police force and, more importantly, police union did everything possible to help the officer go unpunished. The effort of most police unions is to help enact laws to make it difficult to convict a police officer who shots a civilian. Since the police officer got off, I believe that the MN police department will continue to hire and retain poorly trained individuals who, in stressful situations, will act in an uncontrolled manner. This is the opposite of what I expect.

Every day, based on their actions and willingness to take responsibility for their actions, my respect for the military increases while my respect for law enforcement decreases.