Voter Guide when Candidates Kinda Suck

First why do the candidates kinda suck. I think there are three key drivers. 1) The economic inequality brought by the 2008–2009 financial crises, 2) with campaign finance rules, compromises made by candidates to raise money and 3) the lack of accountability in the media caused by FCC deregulation under Michael Powell.

Now that we are stuck with candidates who kinda suck and who have sold out to large corporations or who pander to the ill informed masses, I recommend the following. Recognize why you decided to support and/or vote for a particular candidate. In the current Presidential election, I and many others have selected a candidate because they despise the opposing candidate. Sadly, this is not an inspiring reason to place a vote but it may be possible to leverage your vote. Since I am voting against rather than for a candidate, I use the two following thought experiments. First, I assume that the opposing candidate is not hell-spawned. Instead, I imagine that the opposing candidate is one of my favorite politicians such as Jack Kemp. Now, I ask myself two questions. Assuming that the opposing candidate is both competent and trustworthy or Jack Kemp, then 1) what one policy position from the opposing candidate would I consider as a viable and 2) to maintain my vote, what three policy positions will I demand from my candidate? The second question is most important. Along with voting my conscience, I consider it my duty to help my selected candidate to suck less.