Hope is for the Brave

It all starts with a little bit of hope. Just the small glimmer of light that seems to be shining in a dark room. If you are not a science major than most people are oblivious to how rare light is.

Well, in the sense that light is abstract and difficult to construct without electricity, hope is similar. Hope can appear when you least expect it, whether that be after your first decent date in 10 months or finding out you have been let go from a top selling company. Either way, hope is alive…..rare, but alive. And it is up to the individual to continue to find that source of light in their life and do the work to keep the electricity constantly flowing.

Now the true question is not if the light will show; it is not even when the light with glow, but whether you have the heart to try with the possibility of failure. If so, then the applause is yours. If not, rethink your choices.

Do not fear failure. WE are to subjective to failing. Fear success because it means you cant look back.