How My Job Screwed Me Over

I am leaving for college in August and my rent is nearly $1000 a month. As a college student that is a crippling amount of money.

I have a job that I loved and I wanted to continue to be able to work there, however I still need more pay. I went to my boss and asked him to give me more hours so that I would not have to get a second job.

At first he seemed to care about my struggles but he did not have any more available hours. Of course, I understood so I did not pressure it anymore.

That night we were suppose to have a team meeting at 7pm but allegedly it was changed it to 5pm and I was the only Assistant Manager who was not informed. When I showed up to the office, it was basically over. I was confused and upset that no one told me but I decided to let it go.

I went home and decide to let it go, until this morning. This morning my boss called to “check up” on me. And instead of asking how I was, he asked me whether I found a new job, them continued to strip my team from me. The team that I worked months to build.

Now he wants me to be watched by my manager on every customer I work with.

I never wanted to quit, scream, and cry more than I did this morning. I truly have never been so insulted, especially since I am amazing at my job.

I just feel wounded.

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