Lynchburg Beer and Wine Festival coming this Saturday

The Lynchburg Beer and Wine Festival is being held September 16 in the Lynchburg City Stadium.

Close to 4,000 people are expected to attend.

Tickets are sold out online but you can get them at the gate for $30.00.

Lynchburg hospital raises support for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Employees at Centre Lynchburg General Hospital loaded up 9 trucks full of medical supplies for Victims of Hurricane Harvey this Thursday.

Most of the donations have come from the local area.

Employees also raised $31,000 to help with relief efforts in Houston.

Main Street Bridge in Lynchburg is being rebuilt

Demolition of the Main Street Bridge will begin in November of this year.

Improvements to the bridge will include raising the height, changing aesthetics, and widening the lanes.

The public works department is surveying citizens of the area to find solutions to increased amount of foot traffic.

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