A Sailor’s Trust

On rakish fellows

✍🏾 Discretion and understanding can save you from the rakish fellow.

How I stumbled on this guy, a man who had spent half a century on the sea, is an etymological mystery that begins with perversity—the word, that is. 🤔

This morning, before I’d taken a single step, I read the following passage: "to deliver you from the man who speaks perverse things." The word 'perverse' (’haphak' in Hebrew) led me to definitions such as turn, overturn, and make a bed. Make a bed? How is that perverse? It was too late. Before I knew it, I was doing exactly what a third of the world does every day to confirm wrong for right.

"Doing my own research." 👀

Since there's currently a Puritanical urge to revisit the burning and banning of certain words in public schools, I suggest those four words for the pyre as well. They'll make for good reading light when 'equity' and 'race' smolder and choke the breath away. 🤫🤔

It started innocently enough with writing a way round the word—I found 'rake' appealing.

"Such a rake of a fellow."

In step two, I noticed the historical connection between 'rake' and perversity. Enter the angles and sailing ships for pirates. I had to understand this 'raking the mast' for more speed. ⛵ It made sense—the pulling of the mast back for moving faster; the notion of a pirate ship at sea 🌊 making off with peg-legged booty. The fascinating world of rakes. Then came Quora.

I thought the anecdotal stories of people sailing and raking the mask would be just the thing to pique my interest. I even learned of why killer whales ram boats. I'll be certain now to ask for steel multihulls from here out, especially near the Galapagos.

The stories up-voted lent themselves to "Oh, this-must-be-true" for a rake and speed.

Half a century at sea qualifies one for knowing of fish and sinking and why starboard is on the right. That was good enough for me.

But then, he mentioned the coughing spell. All the red flags in the harbor of my mind hoisted up a ⛵ sail.

"My own research" is how he put it before posting the link.


People die like that. 🤔

He's a plausible fellow. He'll sail you back to shore and pat you on the shoulder—a sailor's trust.
It's just that believing one thing for good is just that. It's all it ever was —one thing for good.

I read that a rake is an angled thing. In boating terms, it gets you speed. A rake in other worlds can turn a mind or take a life away. My father stepped on a rake once when was a boy and nearly died of meningitis. It was the science of penicillin that saved him.

I'd be careful to listen well and keep things in their proper order—boats for boating—and have a mind for understanding there's more to trust than what you feel.

A sailor has hands for water. His facts fit well there for fishing seas. It's where his life gets the most for him. Yet, there are bouys and boundaries for our living better.

"Doing my own research" is one of them.

Source: KJV Chapter 2: Verse 12

Source: Quora and Sailing




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