Medium Post 1

I am choosing Option #1, sub-option campus engagement. I believe that a successful, vibrant, and thriving campus is engaged. Engagement can come in all different forms, whether or not a student is simply engaged in their classes and is completing work, or engagement on campus meaning joining a club or participating in athletics.

I am choosing to focus on campus engagement, specifically my involvement in the Minnesota Student Association, the on-campus undergraduate student government here at the University of Minnesota. I plan to gather information for my digital story by actively participating in MSA, getting insight personally, as well as talking to other students who are familiar with the association. As MSA processes start up for the year, I think it will be a great natural progression of events in terms of getting information and research knowledge.

Some potential research questions:

  • What does authentic student engagement look like when everyone is invited to the table?
  • How does my experience as a first-year MSA participant relate to those that have been participating for four years?
  • How is the perspective of an “outsider” influenced by the establishment?