[Nice Guys Finish Last]

Silent when it suits you

When I smile it draws ire

Does is tire you to switch up

Who you are that often

I know moods

Some of yours I get lost in

Everyone you claim to love

You bring down on the daily

Saw Roads and Art

Is that make-up a little crazy

Lately, some of her jests have come up shady

Paved the essence of

Finding trains and painting that

How do I find peace where you’re not at

Castletops how you direct your highness

We’re better off without you

Better off


I see this crumbling to pieces I’m fumbling

I’m numb to my creases facetious

The clique should cease to exist

We could have loved like our Grandparents. It’s late now. I’m tired of texting

How many girls were there? Next question

What’s your obsession with sounds and love

Birds and the bees I’m a little bit nuts

Would you trust me if I said yes to your every retort

We’re going back and forth all night like we’re playing sports

We’ve sunken into oblivion, surely

Nothing pure or beautiful could ever stay

Early life crisis we’re in the middle of our pain

Society needs to heal in so many ways.

All them auspicious
Left convention to write
Awe you didn’t listen
Clause looks like Santa in fall
Trope sounds like he lost it all
Discomfort in your own clothes
Awkward in your own ego
Even your shooter hates your future
Well son, there’s other fish in the
See full circles develop
Over zealous parts of free
Imagine me happy