How to Argue For Brexit

Many who have voted for Brexit must have realised by now that “Remoaners” are struggling to understand just how stupid they are.

So let me offer this basic guide on How to Argue with a Remoaner, based on some simple rules that have been PROVEN to work.

There are 3 simple points to remember:

1 Identify the enemy

2 Understand the enemy

3 Undermine the enemy

Identify the Enemy

This is quite simple. The enemy will fall into one or more of three categories. These are:

“The Expert”

The Snowflake

The Liberal Elite

Or we could lump them together as the unpatriotic traitors.

Do not make the basic mistake of doing too much research into their background. After all why does it matter that a so called expert has extremely relevant knowledge of international law, trade or other cultures since the whole point of Brexit is that we can totally ignore these irrelevancies.

We can always dismiss expertise by pointing out that the definition of an expert is a “has been under pressure” or that economists didn’t predict the 2008 crash.

If they under the age of 50, and did not fight in either of the world wars in which England single handed liberated the French from the Germans then they are probably snowflakes. You can check this by making a so-called politically incorrect comment and seeing how they respond to it. I’ve found a useful opening gambit is “Islam is a religion not a race, so obviously I’m not a racist”

If they disagree with anything you believe to be true they are obviously a member of the liberal elite and probably communists. Don’t forget that the Nazi party was much more socialist than nationalist. Whatever you do do not get drawn into the distinction between liberalism and neo-liberalism.

It goes without saying that all these groups are unpatriotic traitors but if you want to double check this then find out if they have any sympathy with the remaining European nations seeking a Brexit deal that is consistent with the supposed four freedoms.

Understand the Enemy

Experts tell us that it is important to understand why people disagree with us. 
But what do they know?

All you need to know is that Remainers are obviously arrogant, racist and stupid.

Undermine the Enemy

This is so easy.

First of all begin by insulting them. See the previous sections, but good opening gambits are to call them snowflakes because they have moral values, accuse them of arrogance because of their reliance on facts, and to call them stupid because they understand how the real world works.

Do not, whatever you do, answer a direct question from them.

Always respond to any challenge by completely changing the subject.

For instance if they ask “Do you realize that import tariffs will have to be paid by the British consumer, inevitably leading to inflation” respond by saying “You are obviously a member of the liberal elite”

If they quote peer reviewed studies at you then you have two obvious responses. The first is to quote Minford, but clearly don’t mention that he accepts Brexit will mean the end of the manufacturing industries in the UK. The second is to argue by anecdote. I’m sure we all live next door to a hard working English plumber whose livelihood has been destroyed by an EU immigrant who works harder for less money and is also polite to their customers.

It always helps to remind them that the Commonwealth and ex-empire nations truly love Britain and would like nothing better than to sign trade deals that are totally weighted in our favour.

Do not underestimate the power of the argument that we can be successful by buying wholly British products, like Morgan cars apart from those with components sourced from Europe.

And if all else fails the two killer points are these:

By leaving the EU we will be able to get rid of those regulations that protect the rights of workers and the environment, massively reducing our costs.

If Brexit results in an economic disaster it will be the fault of the Remainers.

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