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Jrue Holiday

Danny Green

LeBron James

Anthony Davis

Andrew Bogut/Steven Adams

LeBron is LeBron, Green is a premier perimeter defender but I’m banking on his shot coming back to at least 36% from outside, Jrue is an above-average defender with size and length who can take some ballhandling load off of LeBron and is decent enough off ball as well. Also banking on him to come back from the shooting slump he had for much of last year. AD provides weakside shotblocking and above-average post D with the ability to switch, as well as being a premier threat in the PnR and PnP, with a developing 3-pt shot (and LeBron/AD coming at you on the break with an offensively revitalized Green spotting up would be devastating). Finally, Bogut provides great playmaking for the C position, good finishing around the rim, and good rim protection. My concern with him is that he’ll be abused on switches, which is why I might consider Adams instead.

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