Did America Just Save Itself From the Bad Guys?
umair haque

Democrats have simply got to go on the offensive. They are temperamentally ill-suited to it so I’ll believe it when I see it. The horrible effects of Republican incompetence, malfeasance and deliberate, systematic sabotage are actualized and only need to be pointed out: endless wars, a decimated middle class, crumbling infrastructure, a bankrupt government and pernicious and unintelligible foreign policies. Despair is endemic, a precondition for collapse.

They are waging a war on our democracy from within. Thomas Frank’s The Wrecking Crew is still instructive as hell on this — the deliberate Republican dismantling of our society and its re-creation as a totalitarian, “libertarian” monstrosity. It can be awfully hard to see evil when it occurs among people with whom you identify to some extent, but it is nothing less than that, though the murderous intent of Republicans is still cleverly cloaked in bureaucratic maneuvering.

Give it time and the murdering will become open and routine. Better yet, why not stop it now?