How to get Gift Card Boxes with Custom Printing and Packaging?

Nowadays, people might have seen different websites offering custom card boxes. Most of them might have wondered: what are these and how are they better than the regular, old boxes that are available in the market? Custom card boxes that are offered by numerous vendors and websites are personally customized card boxes. They can be used for numerous events ranging from baby showers to birthdays.

The boxes are essentially the same old cardboard box with smooth sides and interlocking flaps at both ends. The difference between the cardboard boxes and the custom ones is that the custom gift card boxes carry any print, any messages and can be made in any style. Customization of the cardboard boxes is a unique and modern way to revolutionize the way the people gift their gift to other people’s houses.

Naturally, everyone wants their gifts to be presented in a totally eye-catching and posh way. Gift Card Boxes allow them to do so. They can be customized as per the preference and requirement of the buyer. Whether they want patterns and pictures on the card boxes or any other graffiti on it; that is what custom gift card boxes are all about. The size of the card boxes varies depending on the needs of the client. A buyer may consider looking for a full sized card box to stuff big items or a small sized card box for a ring or cards for their loved ones.

The customization of the custom card boxes is also easy as one two three. Most of the vendors already have sample card boxes to choose from. Many different sizes of boxes and many different colors are combined together to make one unique custom card box. Most of the websites accept payment using your credit cards while some might have the option to pay when the delivery is made known as cash on delivery.

All the customer has to do is to:

1. Choose a color

The color of the custom card boxes depends on upon the occasion it is being made for. A party theme has specific colors which can be used in the card boxes as well. Individual gifts of card boxes can be given any preferred color of the sender or the recipient of the card boxes.

2. Choose a personalization

Personalization includes a note, a quote, or any decorations to be done on the gift card packaging such as a specific cartoon theme or perhaps a collage of meaningful pictures. Polka dots, wide stripes, narrow stripes, stars and rectangles on the cardboard box are designed by the personalization of the boxes.

3. Choose a size and quantity

Small boxes and large boxes each have their own purposes and practicality. Buyers may prefer the most medium size. The quantity depends on the requirements and capacities of the sender as well as the buyer.
The design of the custom card boxes depends on the requirements of the client, the stock design of the boxes is either rectangular or square which are easy to make and arrange. But on the order of the clients, the vendors are able to change them into hexagons, triangles, and various other shapes. The shapes than can be printed using a high-tech machine depend on the requirements of the customer and the capacity of the printer.

Some might argue that card boxes are not sturdy enough for heavy articles such as wooden items or steel items. That might be true in the case of special hardware shops or other such products that are heavy and bulky. Fragile items such as glass or bone china may need extra protection. Despite that, however, even for them there are custom card boxes which can be strengthened with extra plastic, cardboard or Styrofoam that supports the weight of the items.
While it is true that ordering card boxes custom have its risks, it is extremely rewarding as well. A buyer should take care not to opt for a cheap version or an unrecognized vendor as there is a chance that the quality of the received card boxes is inferior to what was ordered. Therefore, a trusted and well- reputed seller is a great contact to have. A buyer has less risk of a scam if the seller is a licensed one.

Custom card boxes are best when one is gifting someone special a very something personal on a special occasion. The sweet personalization of a customized box gives a great edge to the gift packing. Another aspect is the written content on the custom card boxes. A nice, humble quote followed by a signature tag will give a professional feeling and value of the boxes. The sincere efforts, thoughts, and prayers put into making the card boxes clearly show the care of the other person.