Adventures in Indian Territory

I’ve been a huge fan of Indian food for a very long time. Biryani is one of my death row meals. I’ve had a lot of Indian food at a lot of different places over the years. My favorite indian restaurant of all time, though, is still the very first place I ever had it. This place is ALWAYS great. It’s like having a circus in your mouth! 🎪

India Garden Garland is a place I'm very familiar with and more people just need to know about. It's kind of a little hole in the wall off of I-30 and Broadway, it's far too good for this area, and those are always the best places. FYI, they serve a killer lunch buffet, so if you've never had Indian food, come in for that and you can try a little bit of a lot of different things.

This was the first time my date had ever had Indian, "except a frozen dinner one time". So yeah, she'd never had it. She asked me if it's very spicy, and I told her it's not. It isn't really southern Indian food. That is spicy. Interestingly, the closer you get to the equator, the spicier the cuisine in every region around the world gets. Lots of people don't realize that, but there's a reason for this! The closer you are to the equator, the warmer it is. Eating very spicy food causes you to sweat, which makes your body cooler. So you'll notice that cultures that are situated close to the Earth's equator just tend to have spicier cuisine. I think it's interesting. If you don't, nevermind! Now you can see why I'm single at least. 🤷‍♂️

She pretty much just told me she trusts me and order something good. Don’t even need to see the menu. First off I ordered vegetable samosas. Now, I need to say, I’m a HUGE meat eater. I’m a full blooded carnivore. I typically eschew anything that does not contain some kind of meat. That being said, if I had a gun to my head and absolutely had to go vegetarian for some reason, I’d eat nothing but Indian food the rest of my life. They know how to cook vegetables to where you don’t even miss meat. The way they use and cook with spices is practically sacred to Indians. It’s almost a religion in itself. So yes, vegetable samosas.
I ordered Chicken Tikka Masala and Chicken Biryani for the entrees. Chicken Tikka was my gateway to Indian cuisine, as it is most people’s. It’s an easy entrance, you have to get it at the right place though. It CAN be screwed up. Ask me how I know. I had a CTM at a local British style pub that shall remain nameless that was an insult to India, England, the Queen, the peasants, both Ghandis, and humanity as a whole. 😒
It’s always great here though. It’s delicious and creamy and really difficult to find offensive in any way, especially for a novice. Chicken biryani is my favorite though. So fragrant and delicious, like I said, death row meal. 🙋‍♂️

While we waited for our food I decided to check out the toilet. It's clean and well stocked. A very respectable toilet and it IS a single seater, which is my favorite. I would happily defile this toilet!

Back out in the dining area, it’s modestly and tastefully decorated, which they remodeled a lot since I first started eating here. The music was extremely low and we could barely hear it. It made the restaurant very quiet and a little awkward to talk, feeling like we had to whisper a lot. I hate that. But I’ll gladly endure it for this Biryani. This girl gon' learn TODAY! 🙌

The first thing to arrive was the samosas. They give you four samosas and they're pretty big. I took the picture too late because I just wanted to get my hands on them. The crust is flaky and the filling is fragrant and delicious. My date was very impressed. She asked me what is in them and honestly, all I really know is that there's potatoes, peas, some other veggies and a melange of spices. Paired along with the chutney trilogy they served as well, they're an experience in themselves.

Soon after, the Chicken Tikka Masala arrived, served with basmati rice. Basmati rice is the best rice in the world in case you didn't know. The aroma is amazing and it has a great "mouth feel" to use a phrase that I actually really hate.. I also ordered garlic naan of course. She started pointing to everything saying "what's that?? What's that?? Ooo what's THAT??" 😂🤗

I explained everything then showed how to make a Chicken Tikka Taco, and of course a new fan was born. The CTM was very creamy and flavorful. The indians are not shy about flavor. Interestingly, Google "National Food of Great Britain". You might be surprised.
Next out was my much beloved Chicken Biryani. They give you a lot and it’s as tasty as always. It’s all about the spices. You just have to try this. They serve it with a cool mint yogurt that goes so well with it. There’s a reason this is one of my favorite foods ever.

The food was all amazing as usual. She loved everything. Guess who got to take the leftovers.. 😒
I’ve had lots of people tell me they don’t like Indian food. LOTS of people. "It’s too greasy" or "it’s gross" or whatever. Come to this place. Try these things. I don’t know where all you people who say you don’t like Indian food are going where you’re getting all this greasy, nasty food, but I defy you to eat any of this and still hate indian food after.

If you truly do not enjoy the food we had here at India Garden, then I’ll believe you. You just do not like Indian food. But we also can’t be friends anymore. Sucks for YOU! 🏃💨

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